Transgender Teens Have a New Resource For Getting Through Their Teen Years

Being a young person of the trans experience can be a hard time. Many of the resources available to young people going through puberty, learning how to navigate relationships, and establishing a relationship with their body are (basically) all for cisgender people. Now transgender teens have a resource all their own.

A new book entitled The Trans Survival Guide is changing that. Written by Fox and Owl – two trans non binary people – the book provides inspiration and tips on how to navigate difficult situations.

A resource for parents too.

Although written for trans and non binary youth the book can also be a helpful resource for parents. Ensuring that our children are healthy and happy is of upmost importance. This is especially true for trans and non binary youth. Transgender teens and non binary teens face additional challenges, prejudices, and violence from the world at large. Learning how they can – and will – experience the world can help you parent your child better.

You can learn more about Owl and Fox by checking out their YouTube channel.
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The Trans Survival Guide is currently on sale now.