Baby on Board: Single Mom Traveling

Having my child as a single mom didn’t stop me from traveling

I truly believe being rich in spirit has allowed me to take advantage of the curveball life threw my way: ‘single motherhood.’ What was supposed to break me has instead awakened me to create my own narrative of motherhood. A narrative that allows my son and I to see the world from an elevated perspective. Being a single mom would not keep me from travel.

Before I became a single mom

As a young free-spirited twenty-something traveling has always been a familiar concept. Welcoming my first child, a baby boy, in September 2017 meant adjustments would need to be made. Before his arrival I appreciated all the freedom that life had afforded me, which is why I was the last of my friends to enter the realm of parenthood. From accepting first dates to Costa Rica and having love affairs across the pond, I was constantly on the go. I experienced a life full of spontaneous moments, so I completely understood God’s timing when he commissioned me to be someone’s mother. Motherhood would get off to a bumpy start allowing me to soon realize that I was in control and I wanted way more, especially for my child.

Motherhood is an addition to my life, not a barrier

Apparently once you become a parent your life is reduced to slaving over shitty diapers and sleepless nights while completely ignoring your desires. That memo got ignored. I chose to incorporate my son into what I had already established versus the other way around.  Motherhood became an opportunity to literally give my son the world. We started off with road trips and eventually graduated to in-flight travel. Once I got over the anxiety, and the “what if’s” of traveling with a baby, I chose Cuba as our first destination to experience with my then 5-month-old son. As expected our journey went without a hitch. The trip would prove that there was nothing to be afraid of when you stay true to yourself.

Since Cuba we have done domestic tours to major U.S. cities, including San Francisco, New York, and Atlanta. We most recently traveled to Bali to commemorate his first birthday.

It is through travel that I’ve found solace in parenting.

Traveling as a single mom

The tenderness that we encounter from strangers of different backgrounds, beliefs systems, family archetypes, and languages always leaves me relishing in joy. I’m usually met with praise at the bravery it takes to explore the world alone with a baby on my hip. My son is always greeted with open arms and a love that is as familiar as family. Through these connections he’s able to learn things like love, kindness and community are universal. That makes me happy. Although he’s extremely young and his memory may not serve him of these times I’m confident these are experiences that will ultimately make him who he is meant to be. That’s the narrative that I want him, for us, and for any other black/brown single mother and her babies.

Funding your travels

There’s no secret formula or financial requirement. It’s all about ‘doing.’ Pick a place, purchase a ticket and pack a bag. If you are generating income for yourself or have enough savings, take that money and make it happen. We work ourselves into oblivion and it’s easy to succumb to ‘life’ and its responsibilities. Money will come, but tomorrow may not. We live in such a divine era where we have more access to things than we ever did before. It’s time to be present and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves, if not for ourselves for our babies.

We need more representation of single mothers who glow the fuck up and blossom through the bullshit. I’m hopeful to be a part of that aesthetic. Single motherhood, for me, is synonymous with turning trauma into triumph and through my travels I’m doing just that. I look forward to the journey that’s ahead and meeting other courageous mamas along the way.

Jasmine is a wanderlust single mom creating her own narrative and sharing the gift of travel with her son. She’s making it visible that single motherhood can be a beautiful as you make it.