Tapping Your Moon Sign to Connect With Your Kids: The Earth Signs

Using Astrology to Parent Better

Oh, the element of earth. The durability of a rock, or the stability of the ground… that is the power behind it. You can pound or grip it, firmly stand on it. And when it comes to parenting, it’s this reliability that makes this element one of the most practical.

Each sign brings its own earth quality to the forefront when it comes to their family. Taurus seems to make home comfortable and stable, while Virgo’s emphasis is on ensuring everyone’s well-being and safety. Capricorn is about the structure and foundation, so ensuring your child has a savings account or bonds at birth – or better yet, both!

Editor’s Note: We’ve divided this series by elements, since this also plays a strong role in how you relate and connect with your kids. You can find Fire signs here.

Taurus Moon

Taurus. You tend to provide a grounding, traditional nature to how you raise your kids. You relate through building things like a strong routine, decorating their baby room, and making sure the environment you share feels safe, comfortable and warm. This is all great and provides a positive upbringing, except that you also have to be prepared for the curveballs that come with parenting. You have to be careful not get stuck in your upbringing ways – especially if your child is special needs or a more sensitive soul – and you need to be open enough to getting the help and community your family needs.

Ways to Connect: Finance is a big Taurus thing and it’s actually a great skills-set to build with your child early on. This not only builds their concept of money, but also provides a stronger sense of self-worth. Open a bank account with them, and come up

Virgo Moon 

Virgo. Your sign is known for being the critical one in the zodiac. You inspect, question and drill every query and challenge on your path. This works out great with parenting when it comes to how you break down the actual workload of parenting, but not so much when you’re dealing with the emotional understanding of it. It’s important to see your role as a parent as fluid and not work-work. You are allowed to lose track of time with simple things, such as watching the Spongebob Movie for another 100th time. In fact, you should make time for those random, just because activities with your kids. Not everything needs to be thoroughly planned out. More often than not, your kids will remember the spontaneous fun you created.

Ways to Connect: Schedule a day, each month, where you don’t do anything. Spend a day in the park, walking around or host a picnic together where you both sit around and do nothing. Don’t be afraid to watch movies all day. Let your kids pick the lineup, while you’re in charge or snack, dinner and the popcorn, of course.

Capricorn Moon

Capricorn. You enjoy being prepared for all the curveballs in life, and your moon sign does a good job of checking off all the to-do’s to ensure you do. Crib? Check. You researched and got the one with the rave reviews. Room color? Check. You went with that eggshell blue you loved from the get. Your baby got colic? Hold up. Create plans and alternate plans to ease your parenting path, even if you don’t use them all. Because if you have that sense of “I Got This,” then your child will grow up with that as well, and that’s probably one of the most important feelings you can ever convey.

Ways to Connect: Lego’s and puzzles are great activities for you to do together. Host a family night with only puzzles. There are great puzzles for children of all ages. You can start easy and then build your way to larger puzzles. You’ll be surprised how quickly your kid is ready for the 100+ puzzles.


By Carolina Pichardo of The Writing Orbit