I Gave Birth To My Son At 14 Years Old

When I was 13 I went to a all girls school in Manhattan. One day I saw a boy from around my block that caught my eye, he was cute. A few weeks later in November 2015 one of friends introduced me to him. His name was Ray, he was 16, and he lived on the other side of my building. He didn’t say much but just stared at me. After a few times of hanging out with him we started talking and getting to know each other. He liked me and I liked him. One day he popped the question out that I was dying to hear, “do you want to be my girlfriend?” I said yes and hugged him, we was official now.

After a while I met his mom and family and he met mines. We became tight and he would even walked me every morning to the train to make sure I was going to school. A few months into the relationship, in May, he gave me a promise ring and told me he it’s just for now until we’re old enough to get married. During the Summer we went to the beach and amusement parks.

Realizing I Was Pregnant

Then in November of 2016 I felt weird and I didn’t know if I was pregnant because sometimes my period was late. I told him that I felt pregnant. After waiting two weeks for my period to show and it didn’t I took a pregnancy test. I took the first one and it showed up 2 lines. Maybe it’s a mistake I thought so then I took the second one and it showed two lines again. At this point I was freaking out and I started crying. I texted Ray the picture of the pregnancy test. He was surprise but he was happy. We agreed not to tell anyone until we was ready to.

After a few weeks my sister notice my stomach getting bigger. In December I told my mom to make a appointment for me at the doctor cause I felt like I had the flu. The day of the appointment I told my mom to stay outside of the room. With my mom not in the room I told the doctor that I took a pregnancy test and they came out positive. That’s when they did a ultrasound and after 5 mins of moving the gel around my stomach she found the baby and I heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. They measured the baby to be 6 weeks and print out the sonogram picture of what look like a little jelly bean.

That’s when it hit me that there was actually a little baby in my stomach.

I asked them not to tell my mom. Once I got home I told her.  She was surprised and was mad. She told me I’m not having a baby in her house. I showed my older sister the sonogram picture and she said they were taken off Google. My other sister was like it’s a blood clot just get a abortion. Me and Ray talked about having a abortion and we agreed that not what we wanted. We wanted to do grown up stuff so we’re going to take responsibility and take care of our offspring.

At around 2 months I started to get morning sickness and was throwing up everything. I kept going to school everyday no one knew only the teachers until people started to notice. After my mom seen I was not having an abortion she got on board. Me and Ray started to think of names and even got a book, I picked out a boy and a girl name; Madison for a girl and Zayon for a boy. At around 4 and 1⁄2 months my mom, Ray, and me went to see the sonogram that determined the gender. Ray wanted a girl and I wanted a boy. We were holding each others hand the whole time, it a boy.

Being Pregnant in School

At school I had to walk up to the 6 floor for some of my classes because there was no elevator and I couldn’t participate in gym.

In May I didn’t go to prom because I couldn’t find a dress that could fit my now huge belly.

June 2017 at 7 months pregnant i walked across that stage and graduated middle school with a honor roll certificate.

In July I had my baby shower in a beautiful vineyard setting and everyone had a good time! I got lots of gifts; i got a crib, stroller and carseat, swing, baby bathtub, and lots of toys.

Giving Birth to My Baby

On my due date my son was too stubborn to come out so I had to wait a whole week to get induced. The doctors induced me on August 9th 2017 at 7pm. I had an epidural because of the contractions and when to sleep. When I woke up at 10am on August 10th they saw that my water broke while I was sleeping but I was only dilated 4 cm. They checked the baby’s heart rate and noticed it was low.

The doctor told me that if i don’t have emergency c section my baby might die. I didn’t want a c section but if it  risk my baby life i was going to do it. At 11:10 on August 10, 2017 my beautiful baby boy Zayon was born. Once I was able to hold him I started crying. My baby was here and healthy. Our beautiful family was finally complete. My son had everything he needs.

In October I went back to school and Zayon went to daycare plus I got a job at Footlocker. I continue to prove to everyone that even though I got pregnant with my son at 14 I’m going to be the best mother I can be. I’m determined to graduate high school and go to college no matter what it takes!

Destiny is a young mama that lives and loves in New York City.