Finding a Job as a Young Mother Feels Impossible

I gave birth to my daughter when I was 18 and have had to deal with a lot since then. Being a young mother has been tough since the very beginning. I got pregnant at 17 in the middle of my senior year of high school. My family and my daughter’s father didn’t and don’t want anything to do with either of us.

Parenting alone and with little help makes find a job difficult

With no help and little to no support I tried my best to make due with what I had. There have been times where I’ve been broke. I still made things happen either through begging or borrowing because my daughter is always gonna have everything she needs. I’ve been so stressed out to the point I couldn’t even eat sometimes but my daughter got fed.

Trying to get a job has been very difficult.

I’ve gone on countless interviews for a job and people will tell me then wanna hire me. However, they can’t because I do not having childcare or I can’t work the hours they need. At one point I was getting paid just enough to pay for childcare and travel expenses. After working 40 plus hours at week I was still trying to scrape money together to make sure my daughter had her necessities. I wish jobs were more understanding to the fact that my child does and always will come first. As much as I NEED the money I have other priorities too. Being a mom and working is important but the way jobs are now makes it hard to do both.

If jobs provided after care programs or allowed parents to have a break to pick up our children then continue working that would make working as a parent easier.

I’ve considered military life but I can’t imagine leaving my daughter, the person I fought to keep.

It’s Tough but I’m Tougher

In the end, my family has came around and adores my daughter but I’m still on my own trying my best to give her the best life I can. At the end of the day having a baby was my choice. Whether her dad chooses to man up or bow out, I’M MOMMY!!

I gave up having a regular teenage life and went without for mine. I regret nothing. My life was, is, and will always be all for my child, no matter how big she gets. She didn’t ruin my life she gave me a whole new view of the meaning of life. A true meaning to the word unconditional love.  I’ve wanted to give up. I feel like I’ve given it my all but I got to live survive and conquer for my baby. I’ve been put to a test that I can’t ever give up.

Sydney Cruz is a young single mother that lives and loves her daughter in New York City