Tapping Your Moon Sign to Connect With Your Kids: The Fire Signs

Using Astrology to Parent Better

Parenting is hard. We’ve all heard or read this somewhere along our journey, and since the beginning of our little one’s existence experienced it one way or another.

It takes all that’s within us to make it work. Not just the rational piece, physical or energy, but the emotional, too. And that latter piece is where we’re going to kick this series off.

You’ve read the title, probably looked up to the skies and thought, “What? You can use that large sphere there to make this better?”

Although it’s not technically the moon we see nightly, but the one we’re born with, that helps make this parenting thing a bit easier to perform. In astrology our natal moon, which is where the moon was when we were born, is our emotional ware. It helps us understand how we parent and even how our kids perceive us as parents.

The elements of each moon sign is almost important, because it can highlight immediate bonding traits or challenging ones.

From the moment they enter our lives, we relate to our kids through our own emotions… it’s how we connect and begin to develop our relationship. We sense when they’re hungry or sick or tired, and even get glimpses into their own moon sign.

And because our kids sense what we’re feeling often before we even know what’s going on, it’s important to get a grasp of how that emotional energy us begins its song and dance.

Depending on our own upbringing, which harbors a lot of what we use to parent them, the moon sign can show us how we can connect better with our kids, and ultimately create a beautiful, strong bond that’ll better prepare them to exist in the world.

Fire Sign Moons

So now, about that fire sign. Fire as an element is about blazing through whatever they need to do – and that even includes parenting. It’s not blazing in a destructive way, but more with a lofty goal and final destination in mind. Aries will prepare their kids for life teaching them they alone are responsible for their own journey. Meanwhile, Leo is the pusher of joy, encouraging their littles one to pursue their heart’s big, out-of-this-world desires. Sagittarius will tap into their innate wisdom and sense of the world to show their child the true meaning of their world.

Editor’s Note: We’ve divided this series by elements, since this also plays a strong role in how you relate and connect with your kids.

Aries Moon

Aries. You tend to focus on your baby’s timeline. How quick and soon did they walk, whether they’re on pace, and how can you help them get ahead. Just be cautious of how your fire element blazes through your baby’s childhood. You want to take the time to remember the details of their upbringing, savor the moments as they experience them and remember they’re just seeking your connection at this point in their life. They need you for their growth. They’ve only been around for a limited time, and although you often forget this, it’s important to keep it in perspective as they really eventually grow. They’ll be completely independent, running around and out into the world in no time.
Ways to Connect: Train for something with your child. Yes, even a baby could provide a much needed challenging energy. If you want to train for a marathon, for example, schedule running dates with them. Older kids will be excited to have a tracksuit similar to you. Babies, meanwhile, will love the faster speeds in the stroller. Don’t be afraid to include them in your goals, whether they understand it yet or not, or appear to even care (they do), make sure you show them that fire side of you. It’s an important element for them to experience.

Leo Moon

Leo. With the sun ruling your moon, everything you do is bigger than life, including your emotions and how you raise your kids. Sense of pride plays a big role in how you parent, and your lessons are to understand early on that you’re raising another human, who will go on to make their own decisions, create their own life and have a center of their own universe. The challenge with this sign is emotional maturity, and it’s often what you’ll have to reflect back on when dealing with the many challenges that come with parenting. Am I dealing with this in an emotional mature way?
Ways to Connect: Create a weekly meeting, where you play games, do arts and crafts, and discuss the latest in your family. This will also be a good time to talk about upcoming travel plans, books you’re all reading or great accomplishments from anyone in your crew. Take the time to shine the limelight on your family!  

Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius. As the truth-seeker, ruled by Jupiter, there is very little that holds you back from emotionally expressing yourself. You often know what you need, when you need and will do anything to ensure you and your little one are all set with it. And this is all great… except you need to be careful not to manipulate the situation too much to benefit you. More importantly, don’t overlook where your child’s emotional development is apart from your expectations for them.
Ways to Connect: Create a bucket lists of things you want to do and be and create with your child. Start small, so that your child can get a chance to cross things off from the list, and as they get older, add bigger loftier intentions.

Come back to learn how Air, Earth, and Water Moons can use astrology to parent better too.

By Carolina Pichardo of The Writing Orbit