Tapping Your Moon Sign to Connect With Your Kids: The Water Signs

Using Astrology to Parent Better

The element of water should be the easiest to describe and relate to the moon, because isn’t all about emotions. And isn’t the ruler of the moon (Cancer) a water sign? Yes, and yes, yes, yes to all of this.

Often times, and this piece is no exception, aligning the things that define it to the things isn’t always straightforward. Emotions are often thought of as a weakness to be able to relate and understand each other through our emotions. Especially when it comes to gender and the structures placed on those roles. The fluidity of gender and gender expectations should be as boundless and vast as water. Can you just imagine a world where we give our emotions that freedom to just?

Water has a different connection to parenting because of how tied we are to the element. Our children are within the amniotic fluid (water) while in the womb. Then, the “water breaks” when they’re ready to come out to the world. The water elements will have different, more internal challenges when it comes to parenting than the other elements. Meaning, it requires we check ourselves hard. We examine how our parents were with us, how our parents were parented, and how that lineage impacts our kids now. Because it will.  

Editor’s Note: We’ve divided this series by elements, since this also plays a strong role in how you relate and connect with your kids. Think of the element you’re working with and how it conducts itself in the natural world. Meditate on that element and what it means to be emotionally linked to that part of our universe.


Cancer Moon

You’re probably going into this parenting thing thinking: “I was made for this.” And the moon part of you is definitely great for this role. Out of all the signs, you were probably one of the few that knew you were pregnant as it happened. It’s that strong emotional link with your child that will help you in the long-run, allowing them to know to count and rely on you. This is all great and gravy, if you’re careful not to create the sort of relationship where you’re too emotionally tied to your child. How can you balance this? Tap into the other elements.

Ways to Connect: Grab an old shoe box, random box or even a Ziploc bags and fill it with different pictures, crafts and objects that remind you of your child at the moment. Revisit these heirlooms each year, whether on New Year’s Day or your child’s birthday, and add objects that represent your family’s year.  


Scorpio Moon

Children are born with their own mission in mind, and for Scorpio moons this might a bit more difficult to accept. The controlling aspect of this sign prompts them to want to create a narrative for their kids, speaking to how “my kid this” and “my kid that” and almost losing sight to how the child relates to others. You have to be careful not to suffocate or guilt your child into doing things, because with the Scorpio energy this is felt a bit more intense and often fraught with resentment.  

Ways to Connect: Plan a shopping trip post-Halloween to purchase some random costumes and props to use throughout the year. These are great to rock during a family movie night, sleepovers and just to cheer-up (and pretend) after rough days.


Pisces Moon

You sensed your baby’s soul from conception. You were the one in the zodiac who knew what was happening, before it became official that a baby was coming your way. That’s your way of being, Pisces. And that’s how you parent as well, with a connection to your child unlike any other. But that’s also your downfall. Because it’s important you understand where you begin and end – and that parent to child boundaries are established early on.

Ways to Connect: Have different sounding objects around your house to create music. Create maracas by adding beans to an empty plastic storage bin, or grab a paper-towel tube, then add the beans and tape the ends. Spoons and pots make great (albeit crazy noisy) drums. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your family band.